Saucepan : Which to buy?

It's probably the first item of kitchen equipment we buy. Mine was a very solid set of French pans in assorted design.
           Confession: bought them for the design but as it happen, they proved very reliable and 15 years later, I was still using them, though by then the handles were so wobbly than cooking had become a tat dangerous. It's when the saga started:

Having had so much luck with the French saucepans, I invested in a extremely expensive Cast Aluminium Set by Berndes. Mistake. After a few years, the inside had flecked. As they were under warranty for lige, I send a nice letter. Cutting a long story short, eventually I was told that I had abused my saucepans. Yes, to my shame and horror, I was classified as saucepan abuser  nothing which could be done.

The whole story then, turned very sad, I moved from cheap pans which lasted a couple of months to John Lewis' hard anodised aluminium which fared better but still ended up in the bin. Until Tweeter came to the rescue. I was told to try Nisbets a company which provide catering professional equipment. 

I'm now the very proud owner of a thing of beauty, brushed finish interior with an attractive hardwearing mirror polished copper exterior. A tri wall copper saucepan from Vogue. I still will get the range one at the time but they are far less expensive then their competitors.

The triple wall construction of these copper pans allows for even heat distribution without hotspots when cooking, giving consistently great performance.

So my advice is, forget about the cheap and cheerful, forget about the hype and false promises and GO PRO

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