MBNA Thames Clippers

Party time - double birthday Chris' 40 something and his blog 10th anniversary

I can't really remember when I first met Chris as in Tikichris. He has always been around. We meet at events, exchange tips, support one another whenever necessary and then he or I disappear until the next time. So to attend such a momentous event and meet up with the blogosphere glitterati, one had to arrive in style.

He and I opted to use our Thames Clippers' day hop on and hop off passes. He used to commute with the Clipper as I am a more occasional traveller but it always a pleasure to go up and down river by boat and the day pass allows you to visit most of London landmarks.

Did you know that by the end of 2016 MBNA Thames clippers will have welcomed over 34 million people to its bus services since its inception in 1999. In 2006 AEG, owners and operators of The O2, acquired the majority stake in the company and since then the fleet has substantially grown to 15 vessels. River Bus Express for The O2 is an additional fast direct service between London Eye, and London Bridge to The O2 at North Greenwich on arena event nights.

So what is the attraction?

Passengers are guaranteed a seat and can enjoy a coffee or something stronger from the on board cafĂ© and bar. Tickets cost £6.50 per person for a single journey from central London to The O2 using Oyster pay as you go. 

Travel Facts

MBNA Thames Clippers (thamesclippers.com) is the leading river bus service on the Thames, running a service every 20 minutes between key London piers including North Greenwich for the O2, Greenwich, Canary Wharf, Tower, London Bridge, Embankment and London Eye for Waterloo, as well as several residential piers.

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