Inheritance Recipes: October 2016

Welcome to the October edition of Inheritance Recipes. The holidays season is well and truly behind us. Time for friends and family to gather around bonfires where, no doubt, recipes will be exchanged.
Wherever in the world, your recipes come from, share them and their stories with Inheritance Recipes because more than ever it's time to spread a positive message when it comes down to diversity.

In the meantime take a look at September gorgeous round up on Margot's blog, Coffee 'n Vanilla.

Inheritance Recipes is a challenge that Margot of Coffee and Vanilla and I have started to celebrate dishes food bloggers cherish. Recipes which have been passed down by a family member, a friend, through an ancestral culture and dishes which you would like to bestow to future generations.
We will share your recipes via our social media channels and include in the round-up (with pictures) at the end of the month. We will also add your recipes to the Inheritance Recipes Pinterest board (that has 2.3 K followers) and include your blog’s handle in our Inheritance Recipes list on Twitter. Don’t forget to subscribe to them both!


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If possible, display one of the IR badges on your recipe post.
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Closing date is the 26th October.

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When you have a spare moment do visit other entries which caught your eye, comment on them and give them some social media love.
When you have a spare moment do visit other entries which caught your eye, comment on them and give them some social media love. And last but not least, have a look at the terms and conditions if you haven't yet done so.
We can't wait to see your recipes and read their stories

Spicy Chayote picadillo by Cooking for Kishore

by Coffee and Vanilla
mince and tomato
crumble by
Searching for spice
by Pebble Soup

Chicken fried steak by The Lawyer's Cookbook

Tzatziki : a Last Fling with Summer

Cucumber doesn't often feature on Pebble Soup as he has a strong dislike of the stuff. he is not alone, many people do. In the words of a friend, cucumber is a funny thing. Having no medical training what so ever, I'll keep my conclusions for myself.

I, on the other end, like cucumber very much and it's always a joy when I get to eat some, in this case lovingly prepared by the very same friend. Tzatziki is part of a meze of Greek starters. Greek yoghurt is best but live yoghurt with a spoon of cream does the trick too.

You need to know that Tzatziki is at its best after a couple of hours in the fridge. Refrigeration time allows the liquid to be absorbed. Individual portions are, in my opinion, better than a large bowl

Tahini and Chocolate Brioche

An unusual combo which I love for its richness. Served warm at breakfast and the day looks somehow already much better. I found this recipe in Bethany Kehdy's book: Jewelled Kitchen

The hard back version featured in UK national press, was The Telegraph’s Cookbook of the Week (July 2013), one of the New York Times’ Notable Cookbooks of 2013, and won the Gourmand World Cookbook award for best Blog-to-Book. There is a recent paperback edition

Heritage is one of the main ingredients in this book, and the author’s multinational upbringing enables her to seamlessly bring together cultures and flavours, to create inspiring, contemporary, but deeply authentic food.

The Royal Hotel in Kirkby Lonsdale: Review

lake district accommodation, hotel review

Between the Lake district and the Yorkshire Dales national parks lies the market town of Kirkby Lonsdale. With its 2 500 people, the destination is way bigger than its size. Mentioned in the Doomsday Book in 1086, Kirkby Lonsdale is a town consisting mainly of 17th and 18th-century buildings festooned with ivy, hanging baskets and flower beds.

review, lake district, market town, England
review, lake district, market town, England

The Kirby Londalians do like a celebration. At one time, the town was home to more than 30 pubs and watering holes known as Jerries. Maybe not surprising for a town with "ale" in its name. The winter months diary reflects this engouement for parties.
Diary for winter 2016
5h November, Bonfire night,
5th-6th November Holker Winter Food Market,
2-4th December a Christmas Market rivalling the best in England.

walks, lake District, the north of England, tourism

There is plenty to do and see, the wonderful panorama of the Lune valley, the Bowland Fells and the Lakes. My personal favourite is the Ruskin's view as in John Ruskin, the 19th century, art critic, social theorist and husband to Effie, herself the main protagonist of one of the famous sex scandals of that time, involving Millais, a member of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.
 review, lake district, market town, England, Ruskin's view

Against this background and with a fair bit of drizzly rain, we arrived at The Royal Hotel, a contemporary Georgian townhouse on market square, facing the Lune valley. Recently remodelled, the restaurant has been made more casual and where one expects a reception desk, right of the entrance, there is instead an inviting "entre-deux" lounge  giving into the restaurant rooms.

hotel, review, lake district, market town, England
hotel, review, lake district, market town, England

Being of fan of tastefully done OTT decor, I fell for this place straight away. Rococo ornaments, walls adorned with clocks, none telling any relevant time, frames every single where, solid wood and wicker chairs, impressive windows letting a maximum of daylight in.

The Royal is a statement hotel and it is perfect in many ways. There are fourteen individually designed and decorated bedrooms over three floors and none are alike.

hotel, review, lake district, market town, England

Ours was simply stunning: large with apparent beams, in a light brown and faded gold hues with glass mirrors and frames, damask wallpaper, window seats and a bath.....perfectly decadent. Needless to say that there is also a large walk-in separate shower room, of a high standard too.

hotel, review, lake district, market town, England
hotel, review, lake district, market town, England

All rooms are inclusive of breakfast but if you choose to eat in the restaurant, I would advise you to go for the simplest dishes which let the local products sing. I was told by a passer-by not to miss their Sunday roast. I can well believe that like the rest, it is magnificent and lovingly prepared.

hotel, review, lake district, market town, England
hotel, review, lake district, market town, England

The Royal Hotel is part of the James' places groupDISCLOSURE:  I enjoyed my stay as a guest of Royal Hotel but received no further remuneration to write this post.  I was not expected to write a positive review – all views are my own and I retain full editorial control. 

I would like to extend my special thanks to Damian Atkins, General Manager who welcomed us warmly.

The Royal Hotel
Main Street
Kirkby Lonsdale,
01524 271966

For current information about Kirkby Lonsdale head for the Tourism Office website at

Baked Potato Topped with Hummus

Sometimes a picture is so evocative that there is very little need for words. I am a fan of baked potatoes with their various fillings. This one was taken not very long ago in a small cafe.


2 tbsp hummus
1 red pepper grilled and cut in thin slices
5 to 6 olives
sesame seeds
nigella seeds (optional)

The golden rule of the baked potato is to prick the skin, then bake at 200C for 1hr – 1hr 20mins.
Prepare your fillings in advance, and YES, you are allowed to use commercial hummus.
When cooked split open and go to the filling station 



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