Sweets Memories

Sweets are all about memories. You remember sweets like you remember a song. 

As a child my favourites were necklaces, the juxtaposition of colours was an object of fascination. 
Studying hues stayed with me. I'm rather good at creating colour harmonies.

So what are the new trends and where can you buy sweets in bulk for all the coming occasions?

I believe that the firm favourite are "chocolate boxes,  containing the pick n mix classics Fish and Chips, Giant Chocolate Jazzles, Giant White Jazzles, Giant Pink and White Mice, Pink Pigs, Skulls, Spinning Tops, White Drops, Chocolate Drops, Chocolate Mice, White Jazzles, White Mice and the amazing Bananas In A Box.

Which leads me to the outrageous flavours. You know what I mean, flavours like nothing else. We all had a favourite. Was yours any of these?

If when a child you already belonged to the foodies category and had a penchant for hidden surprises, you probably reached out for the sherbets and fountains jars. And don't get me started on novelty sweets.

Of course in the UK, all theses treats could and still can be found in sweet- shops which is an alien concept on the continent. When I first arrived in Greenwich, I was quite taken aback by its two sweet shops with their shelves full of jars showing all the colours of the rainbow, ever so retro.

But that's OK for the occasional buy. But what do you do when you need more than a small paper bag full? 

It's only very recently that I heard about online wholesale sweets buy. In fact, Appelton sweet Cash and Carry did alert me to the concept. Really worth investigating their online offer. A lot of savings to be made. Think Easter hunts.

I know which of all the Appleton's treats, I will choose at it has long been one of my mum's favourites:
We have a family tradition. Whenever there is a holiday such as Christmas or Easter, we make sure that older parents and children get a bag of coins. My mum insists on it and though she makes light of it. I think that deep down, she believes it lucky. What will your choice be?

This post was commissioned by Appleton Sweet a wholesale sweet company which has 70 years of experience.  Keep up with them on Twitter and Facebook

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