Confession of a saucepan abuser - Stellar Saucepan Review

Regular Pebble Soup readers may recall that I have had a lot of trouble with pots and pans. After being accused by Berndes to be a saucepan abuser (read the story here). I found it very difficult to trust manufacturers especially since  a lifetime guarantee didn't seem to mean very much.

Stellar Saucepans

No utensils seemed to last long enough for me to write about. The latest frying pan is only two years old, and has long lost its shape. But, my faith in pots and pans might just have been restored, and I find myself living in hope, once more. Would I have found the perfect saucepan and a good frying pan?

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Stellar stainless steel “Stay Cool” pans offer safe efficient cooking. The pan's handle stays cool while the body get all the heat. After so much trial and error, I became a little bit of an expert as to how the heat is conveyed. The principle seems simple, if there is only one layer such as in cast iron or stainless steel the heat circulate uniformly.

The saucepan glass lead with its silicone edge is a new one on me and I can confirm that it offers easy draining. 

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I liked my old copper-pan but sadly it doesn't go in the dishwasher so, it was important that these new pans clean well and easily which they do.

The price which is an important factor, this is a middle of the road range here are some examples

saucepan, kitchen tools

18cm draining saucepan 2L  cost £47.99 on Amazon

Stellar Stay Cool Stainless Steel Insulated Handle Non-Stick 20cm Induction Frying Pan £36.50

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