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Pebble Soup, the beginnings: 
Pebble Soup was my first written venture. In 2007, After years of managing the Languages Department at Westminster-Kingsway College, London, I had reached the top of my game and lost myself in the process. In a bold move, I asked for redundancy. Little did I know that the recession was just around the corner.
While applying for jobs, He suggested that I start a food blog. Pebble soup was to lead me to that elusive new job, I became a trainee-Journalist at FE News and the rest followed. I am a food, wine and travel blogger; a freelance writer who has written for various online, print publications, the author of four books and Columnist for the Greenwich Visitor Earlier this year, I won the Cook Like Celebrity Trophy

Pebble Soup, the present:
Pebble Soup is the place where I write about my culinary experiences and experiments at home and abroad. I trust that anyone who likes eating can cook. For me food has always been a passion.  As a teenager, I spent my time cutting out recipes which I would paste in various scrap-books. Later I experimented on my friends who prefer to forget the meals I cooked for them, then. Now that I am quite experienced, it's my turn to share what I know, what I find out.

Recently I teamed up with Coffee and Vanilla to concretise the concept and we came up with our Inheritance Challenge

Pebble Soup, the content:
I try to post three times a week. I try to keep the content as broad as I can. Some is related to reviews, some is recipes or give-aways. Time to time, other bloggers are invited to post. It's opinionated, honest and hopefully always entertaining. It is a journey through time and places using food as the medium.

I named my blog Pebble Soup after the Stone Soup story

I accept items and/or books to review and I am happy to be invited to events or on press trips.
email me at pebblesoup (at) gmail (dot) com

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