Pebble Picture Patchwork #4

Last week-end should have seen Pebble Soup at the Norfolk food festival but due to a lack of organisation from the organisers, the trip we were looking forward never happened. There we were, 3 days off and nowhere to go.

That was counting without Puckley the most haunted village in England and Leeds castle 'the Loveliest Castle in the World'. Kent is only a 40 minutes drive from South East London. Indeed a lot of locals still remember picking hop when they were kids and if the only hop-farm I know is that which now hosts a brilliant music festival there is more to Kent.

For a londoner, it's always weird to drive more than 5 minutes without seeing a house moreover 15 minutes without a town of some kind. That's what happens when you head for Pluckley, a large village in the middle of the apple orchards and as a foodie is never far from a discovery. We walked in The Kent & Sussex Tea & Coffee Co, a family factory which imports nearly 400 teas and coffee from all around the world. And we walked out amazed. Established in 1982 on the return of the Smith family from India this generations firm is worth a visit if you ever head for Leeds Castle a day trip in itself.

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