Camping in Sandy Balls

 Most writers are a singular mix of fatalism and optimism with a tendency to peek into the dark side. It's a disposition generated by the fact that most of what we write will never make it to publication. We live in a world of definite maybes.

It may be the case that we shall not secure the much needed support for an trip. Or, if and when we do, the concept might not hit the right note with the editors and... vice-versa. So when all the pieces fit together, it inevitably leaves us a little puzzled.

I first approached Godshill's award-winning holiday village, Sandy Balls, in 2011 when all the above applied. So, when their marketing department contacted me three years later, cold sweat ran down my back. Will the 5 star romantic hide-away provide enough material to engage readers?
Read all about it in Trip Reporter

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