What's New in the Kitchen #9 : New For Old

Since, the last post in this series dates from May (#8 : "That's Weird"), a new one is long due. "New for Old" is all about the new generation of familiar products.
Take Appletiser, a soft drink originating from South Africa and distributed by Coca-Cola. Probably, not the kind of beverage you and I are drinking routinely though we may have tried it on occasion. With no added preservatives, here comes the latest flavour: Apple 'n Pomegranate.
I took a sample to our hide-away in the New Forest. It's a clean drink with a great flavour. If the devil is seating on your shoulder, make sure that she/he can't read the next sentence.
Apple 'n Pomegranate Appletiser is a super base for cocktails. 750ml bottle RRP £2.49

Here comes the box.  The Ryvita Company was established in 1925, this year it has undertook some radical changes and to go along with the new range, the company asked fashion designer Ben De Lisi to create a celebratory Tin. Available on line at 7.49RRP 
If you are looking for a snack the Ryvita fruit-crunch is filling and very very tasty.
If you were thinking of swapping your same-old, same-old breakfast cereals for a new brand, you could do much worse than picking Lizi's  low sugar granola.
Most granolas are classified "high in sugar" often with 12g + per 100g (our recommended daily allowance is 90g) . Lizi's granola contains 1/3 of the sugar added to  conventional products. It's still crisp thanks to the black treacle.
The problem is in the amount of fat which is  superior than granolas I compared it with.
It could be that granola , in general, is not as healthy as we think.
New Covent Garden Soups changes its flavours with the seasons. This is a dynamic company which doesn't hesitate to involve the public in its creative process.  Kale 'n Nutmeg is one of five great new varieties launching this month.

I was sent a sample to try it out, it looks very healthy and there is a lot of Kale in this soup so no worries when it comes to "five a day". Kale is an acquired taste and I hope that this soup will be a crowd pleaser, I liked it but he made sure not to be at home when Kale 'n Nutmeg soup was on the menu.
I had a bit of trouble with its texture, it's stringy however it made a very welcomed change and probably not a soup that I would make from scratch. Others in the new range include Butternut Squash & Pumpkin Seeds, Vegetable and Soupergrain, Mild Curried Sweet Potato and Sweetcorn 'n Chilli.
disclaimer: I was sent a sample for each product reviewed in this post. Words are my own and I was not asked to write a positive review.

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