Logitech Touch Mouse T620

Let me take you behind the scene. Gadgets at Pebble Soup don't all live in the kitchen. In fact a lot of them reside in the office. 
In the same way my heart desired an efficient fryer.  I've longed for the perfect mouse. Could Logitech Touch Mouse T620 be it?
Touch Mouse Logitech Wi-Fi Mouse no wheel mouse review T620
My current mouse is an ugly, wireless, Microsoft mouse. It has a scroll wheel (I have been told not to call the wheel, tit). Like a few of its contemporaries, it is heavy and comes with an egg-shaped transmitter which takes a it of space.
The pluses
Logitech Mouse T620 is incredibly pretty. Its design has an aerodynamic quality, it fits perfectly in the hand and unlike many smaller gadgets, it's also heavy. Hang on, it's heavy and light at the same time. How could that be?
Touch Mouse Logitech Wi-Fi Mouse no wheel mouse review T620
When you flip the mouse and open the battery compartment, you can see the reason behind this strange phenomenon. T620 can be powered by one or two battery which is very clever. In a way, you determine the weight of the mouse.
The receiver is a tiny USB plug which can be slotted in the batteries compartment so it never gets lost when taken on a trip. The lot comes with a travelling bag. I like the idea of a travelling mouse. Great stuff for a travel writer.
Touch Mouse Logitech Wi-Fi Mouse no wheel mouse review T620
The minuses
T620 is a touch mouse responding to pressure and swipes. This is where, it gets a little annoying. To right click, you need to lift the non-clicking finger completely off the surface which is odd at best of times even worse if you are a left-hander and there doesn't seem to be a way of switching the mouse so that left-hand users can access menus happily.
Swiping to the right is easy, I've not  managed so far to swipe left, in turn leaving me less options than with the old Microsoft mouse. Next, there is a pressure point 2/3 of the touch surface which I never found.
In short: I had issues with the touch technology, even if T620 looks good enough to eat I'll keep using my "old mouse with tit" until something even better comes along.
disclaimer: my thanks to Logitech for sending me a sample. I was not asked to write a positive review, all words are my own

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