Inheritance Recipes December 15 - Round Up -

December was a busy month for all. Either that or the theme of the month "eat your greens" was may be not as festive as anticipated. Having say that, the entries were high quality and the final choice was down to two. After many considerations the winner was picked.......but first for the entries

From top right to bottom left

A Hunter Stew from Poland Bigos via De Tout Coeur Limousin
And a Chickpeas and Green Beans Stew with a rather hot twist

Then one ingredient I was keen to see on the list Brussel Sprouts, here steamed and presented with sweet 'n Salty Breadcrumbs an ingenious recipe from Poland via Coffee 'n Vanilla

Belleau Kitchen reverted to his mum's Leek 'n mushroom quiche recipe after a night on the razz

I went for a seasonal favourite of mine which recipe was passed down to me by his mum: Creamy Parsnip bake

                                     Is Dominic with his mum's quiche

Margot and I enjoyed December challenge and hope to see you in January with "Fresh Start" recipes- Challenge hosted by Coffee 'n Vanilla click here to read more and link.

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