What Makes an Ideal Holidays?

As I'm getting ready to take some time off, I'm more susceptible to open emails which mention the word "holidays". When this infographic from the Croatian Tourism board landed in my box, I was intrigued.

It reminded me very much of an hand-out we were given during my teachers' training which aim was to help determining students' type. It was anthropomorphic and I remember thinking, "Can this be true?". But it raised awareness and when I first spotted a lion chewing and spitting French vocabulary, I took great care with my choice of words. 

Here the question is the same, "Can it be true that 85% of people opt to "Go Native" on holidays? living like the locals. Next time, you are topping up your tan on the beach you might take solace in thinking that you are a rarity as only 1 in 8 Brits describe themselves as a typical "Beach Bunny".

But how would you describe yourself?

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