5 Recipes Celebrating the Humble Leek


The humble leek doesn't have to play second fiddle to the main ingredient. How about making leeks the star of your meal. Looking back at 12 years of recipes, here is what I found on Pebble Soup for you.

Let's start with Leek and Mustard Cheese Tart. This recipe is adapted from my signature dish Tarte รก la Moutarde

Two for the soup fans: Leek and Chickpea Soup, a hearty, warming, one-course dinner which is comforting and low calories. The other couldn't be more different, it's a sophisticated cold soup, perfect as a starter for occasions, think St David's day, Mothers' day: Rocket Vichyssoise.

A savoury crumble where Leeks and Caerphilly are cooked down together in a gooey filing Savoury Crumble: Leek and Caerphilly/ Cheshire Cheese Crumble difficult to find a recipe more Welsh than this.

Fifth recipe but not least recipe, a classic Leeks au Gratin, an easy dish for when you are in a hurry serve with a salad or a thick slice of focaccia and you have a 10 minutes dinner preparation.

How do you celebrate Leek Season?



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