Inheritance Recipes - August Round Up

Thank you all for sending your entries to our August Inheritance Recipes Link-up.
Every month, we love to read you stories. You can submit (old or new) as long as it's connected to a story and a recipe which you have inherited, through a family member, a friend or your ancestral culture. There is no geographical restrictions for the entries, recipes from all over the world are more than welcome. We love diversity. The Inheritance Recipes is co-hosted with Margot of Coffee and Vanilla and she will be the one to collect the entries next. Join us here is the linky

We share all the entries via social media channels and include them in a full round-up with images on one of our blogs at the end of the month. All entries can be seen below. Follow the links under the collage to check them out and don't forget to subscribe to our Inheritance Recipes Pinterest board (that has over 2,500 followers) and our Inheritance Recipes list on Twitter.

Starting from the top
Lemon curd by Pebble soup
Simple salted Herrings Ceviche by Coffee and vanilla
Jagodzianki - Polish Sweet Buns with Blueberries by Coffee and Vanilla
Gluten free and legendary lasagne by Gluten Free Alchemist
Lemon velvet "Marrow Cream" Curd by A2K

Do pay a visit to these recipes and hope to see you next month.

John Whaite's Perfect Plates in 5 ingredients: Book Review

When fresh face John Whaite won the #GGBO in 2012, he was seating for a law degree, a lot has happened since then. He is now running his own cookery school and he makes regular appearances on TV as a presenter. Perfect Plates in 5 Ingredients, released in April 16, is his third book.

Limoncello Plum Tarte

tarte, frangipane, plum, limoncello

It's Glut time. This season, plums are plentiful. Once you have jammed, made cobblers, given kilos of plums to the people you like and shoved even more through the letterboxes of these you don't. What do you do?

Turn to the drink. Plum and limoncello complete each other nicely. Just in case, here is a quick reminder: Limoncello is a cocktail of vodka and lemon. Here it gives a little kick to the smooth texture of the frangipane.

tarte, frangipane, plum, limoncello, top shot, lakeland

Earlier in the summer, I attended "Xmas in July" the presentation of all things Xmassy by several brands. As usual, my preferred show was that of Lakeland. Always full of useful kitchen gadget, though I can't say that the plastic shot-pipettes stroke me as useful at first. But, always curious to try, I thought that this limoncello tart would be the perfect experimentation ground. After sucking the liqueur in the pipette, it's released by pressure to the top. It works. I would definitely recommend these Shot-Tops.

Lobster Pasta aka Pasta All'Aragosta

 When a recipe is supposed to look like so

                                                      But ends up looking like above

I used to get very upset when my dishes didn't turn up like the original pictures, then I started blogging, rubbed shoulder with some of the best food photographers and quickly understood that a picture gallery is very much like a wardrobe. 


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