Inheritance Recipes - December 16 - Round up

December is always a busy month for food bloggers, hence few had the time to add their own story to this month challenge. However, we were pleased to see that our new Facebook page attracted pictures too.

I particularly like Kavey's decades diary, do drop by. In the meantime, here is December 16 round-up with our thanks for all your contributions this year. Hope to see you in January on Margot's blog

starting from the top

Fruitful Kitchen recreated her grandmother's Sheperd pie only faster
I chose a new recipe Sweet Potato Pancakes with Smoked Salmon which I'll make sure to cook for my best friend this Christmas, to show her how far I've progressed since she taught me how to cook.
Gingerbread biscuits with honey, thank you so much to Margot of Coffee and Vanilla for sharing her traditional treasured recipes all the year long.
Shaheen bought us a blast from the past with a lovely Christmas Tree shaped vegetarian centerpiece stuffed with chestnut mushrooms.
The Foodie Quine wishing for a scratch and sniff screen so evocative her Brandy Snaps Baskets are.

Merry Christmas everyone

The perfect Jam Doughnut

In my opinion, doughnut is a rare thing indeed. By this I mean, the concept of frying a simple dough can be found in almost every country around the world.

A quick look the doughnut around the world list on Wikipedia will prove my point, to you. Earlier this year, I caught this picture

 Thai Youtiao being fried on Bangkok's night market; Margot, the co-host of Inheritance Recipes published a great recipe of paczki Oponki, Polish doughnuts.

In France, les beignets et bugnes have their own national day;

Jeanne as in Cook Sister, in her mischievous way named her blog after the South African doughnut, Koeksister. And, I might not be far wrong as in saying that half of the food bloggers are doughnuts lovers and have a doughnut recipe on their blog so it might be a little presumptuous to have named this post the 

Perfect Jam Doughnut

210g strong white flour, plus extra to dust
7g dried yeast
½ tsp salt
15g caster sugar, plus extra to dust
20g unsalted butter, at room temperature, chopped, plus extra to grease
65ml whole milk, warmed
45ml warm water
1 egg, beaten
2 litres vegetable or sunflower oil, to cook
6 tsp raspberry or strawberry jam


  1. Combine the top four ingredients in a large bowl.
  2. In a smaller one, place the butter pour the warm liquids over and wait until the butter melts.
  3. Add to the flour mixture stir, add the egg and either use a mixer with a dough hook or stir by hand until you get an elastic and smooth dough.
  4. Transfer to a clean bowl, cover with a damp towel and leave it to raise, until double the size.
  5. Shape into 6 balls of about 80g each, folding each side tightly into the centre in turn, turning as you go, then turn the ball over and put it on a lightly floured baking tray or board, spacing them well apart. 
  6. Cover and leave to rise again for 45 minutes.
  7. Deep fry in oil, you'll probably need to do several batches, 
  8. Pad dry, roll in caster sugar
  9. Pipe the jam in

What's New #16 : Winter Comforts

Looking for last minute presents, these red berries or cinnamon candles by St Miguel in their recycled etched tumblers will give a cosy feeling to any room. The scent is very subtle and the reflection created by the light on the design is lovely. About £4.00 per candle.

At Pebble Soup, we love making our own soups but sometimes, it's not always possible. My brand of choice is Heinz, mostly because I like the way this company works with farmers around the UK.

Heinz has a new range called Big Soup. As always when trying out new products, it's a bit hit and miss. Big Soup has large chunks of Beef, chicken or lamb with vegetables.

I do prefer the Soup of the Day range for it's a little funkier however Heinz Soup has delivered heart-warming comfort to us for over 100 years so they know one or two things about trends and in my opinion, their range with only classic and funky was missing a chunky option.

In other news, you will be happy to know that the legendary GEO bars have had their sugar content reduced but I suppose they will be languishing in the cupboard until Christmas is over.

Magical Maple Syrup - Irish Smoked Salmon, Sweet Potato Pancake, Soy and Maple Glaze

Last year, we travelled across Canada from East to West. It's one of these journeys which stays with you for a long time. The first day of the trip is a whole day parade of trees of various shapes, sizes, colours and species. But of course Maple trees with their distinctive leaves are the ones and probably the only, I recognised.

I only thought of maple syrup as one kind of. But on arrival in Vancouver, I was quickly proven wrong, supermarkets are stocked up with rows and rows of Maple Syrup bottles. The amber liquid is subjected to a complicated grading system but in essence, is goes from pale and subtle to dark and strongly flavoured.

It takes a bit of going to get it right but the result is worth the effort. So if you are looking for a bit of inspiration for Christmas, here are a recipe which I like to make.

Irish smoked salmon, sweet potato pancake, soy and maple glaze

Serves 4-6 
For the pancakes:
350ml skimmed milk
350g sweet potato
2 free range eggs separated
120g wholemeal flour
120g buckwheat flour
5g dried yeast
For the soy and maple glaze:
300ml maple syrup
300ml soy sauce
Garlic clove, crushed
10g chilli flakes.

To serve (optional):
Smoked salmon
Crème fraiche
Chive batons

  • Cook the sweet potatoes in boiling water until tender. Remove skins dry and mash.
  • Mix milk, sweet potato, egg yolks, salt, and a little oil.
  • Add sieved flour and yeast mixture.
  • Whip egg whites and fold in gently. Rest.
  • Heat a heavy frying pan until hot and place in oil.
  • Drop the batter mixture, cook until golden brown and turn when the surface starts to bubble. Keep warm.
  • For the soy and maple glaze, combine all ingredients in a pan. Reduce by two thirds and then put aside for serving.
To Serve 
  • On the warm pancake place the smoked salmon herbs and salad. Garnish with crème fraiche and the reduced glaze. 
Top Tips

This dish is ideal for breakfast or a dessert alternative. Just serve with some red fruits instead of the smoked salmon.
To make the perfect pancake, try using an individual pancake pan.

 Reproduced with the permission of the  Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers.

Every year, for Christmas we get a smoked salmon from the west coast of Ireland while the "Irish lot" gets a bottle of whisky. Family traditions are important so for this reason. I add this recipe to the Inheritance Recipes co hosted by Coffee and Vanilla which this month I have the pleasure to host. Please join us Here

Leeds, a City with Art in its Heart


This month Leeds will provide its usual vibrant festive experience but there is an added bonus: an arts trail conceived to guide you around the city center’s major spots. The trail features artworks by local artists. It’s a journey of arts and magic reflecting on modern issues, ancient beliefs and …..lights.

Leeds, UK, Travels, shopping,
Leeds Arcades at Xmas
Here is a taster, you’ll need to explore the rest for yourself. As the train pulls in the recently refurbished Leeds station, passengers are welcomed by “Spirit”, a huge installation designed by Newsubstance. Spirit hovers above busy commuters as they progress through the railway station concourse beneath it. Internally lit by 3000 LEDs, the ethereal figure shines a calm, festive light as people rush and bustle beneath it.

Leeds, Arts Trail, North England, UK

Leeds, Arts Trail, North England, UK
NEWSUBSTANCE's SPIRIT installation at Leeds' station
 Leeds is best known for its shopping experience, John Lewis recently opened their new flagship shop in the center, it’s the largest in the UK, following the footsteps of their illustrious competitor, Marks and Spencer which, two centuries ago, opened their very first shop. The tiny outlet is still opened for business in Kirgate Market, one of the largest markets in Europe.

Leeds, Arts Trail, North England, UK
Christmas lights cascading down Trinity church
Undoubtedly, the shopping center which attracts the most punters is Trinity Leeds named after its neighbour, the Holy Trinity church, a Georgian church consecrated in 1727 and a key venue at Christmas. Trinity is part of the trail, illuminated by a cascading waterfall of lights, highlighting the unity of old and new in the city center.

Leeds, Arts Trail, North England, UK
Textures of Winter by Alison M Smith
My personal favourite piece of art is a series of sculptural lighting located in Park Square. An installation by Alison M Smith, entitled “Texture of Winter”, reminiscent of the evolution of ice formations melting. Alison has gathered plastic from Leeds retailers which she recycled and shaped into organic forms.

Leeds, Arts Trail, North England, UK
Leeds city center
What better way to explore a place? Leeds center is compact, it takes only 20 minutes to walk from north to south so it’s perfect for children too. Santa’s Christmas Post Office, complete with giant bauble and live reindeer is part of the trail in the Merrion Centre. 

Leeds, Arts Trail, North England, UK

The iconic Corn Exchange, an architectural masterpiece in itself is transformed by a creative exploration of Aurora Borealis designed by Dave Lynch and Glatherine Cross. The whole trail includes 15 pieces of work altogether and might find you parched and hungry by the end.


Loiners know their town inside out and you can’t go wrong following them to the nearest packed to the rafters restaurant. This cunning tactic led us to Bundobust and Friends of Ham. 

Leeds, Arts Trail, North England, UK
Bundobust in Leeds
Leeds, Arts Trail, North England, UK

The former is an Indian street food cafe with doors on the walls which offers dozens of munchy dishes. A kind of Indian tapas with dishes such as Okra Fries cooked to perfection, mini Massala Dosa and I am told that the sprout bhaji are back due to popular demand. The lot washed down by a choice of 110 different beers.

Leeds, Arts Trail, North England, UK

Leeds likes its craft beer, there are 27 craft breweries in Leeds postcode. Friends of Ham organises beer and cheese pairings, a new movement which demonstrates that as often Leeds is forward looking. 

For the time being, one of the most popular brewery to visit is the Northern Monk, on the outskirts, renowned for multi award winning beer "Eternal", their “crazy beers” such as Rhubarb and Rosemary flowers flavoured beers and for  their street art can. Because at the end of the day, Leeds is a city at the heart of arts.
Leeds, Arts Trail, North England, UK

For more information about Leeds check out Welcome to Leeds you will find details about the Christmas art trail and its 15 locations (1st December and 3rd January).

Yorshire has been awarded the best place to stay in Europe by the World Travel Awards and this is reflected by its accommodation offer. Take a peek at .

Leeds is 2h1/2 by train from London. It’s well worth buying a National Rail Railcard before you go, to benefit from up to 60% discount. cards include: 16-25, Family and Friends, Two Together, Senior, Disabled Persons Railcards and Network Railcard.

When in Leeds, don't miss The Brudenell Social Club, a great venue for gigs of all sorts

If you miss the arts trail look out for the Leeds Indie Food Festival which has talks, demonstrations, special dinners, markets, pop-ups, kids’ events and films throughout the month of May

My special thanks to I Like Press, the coolest press agency which organised  our visit in collaboration with LeedsBID and last but not least  UMPF for providing me with shopping power.



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