The answer was : Quenelles

Repeat after me: "Kuh-nehl", you've got it. One of the speciality from Lyon is "la quenelle" it refers to a delicate dumpling flavoured with either ground poultry mainly chicken or fish usually pike sometimes vegetables and it that case it will be mushrooms. When I go back home, I always bring back a couple of ready-made packets which are baked with a rich white sauce to which is added a little passata or concentrated tomato paste. That is the healthy version.

Lyon is renowned for its "cuisine" after all it is the capital of French gastronomy, though recipes are getting healthy and lighter, cream and butter are still very present among the ingredients.
to make your own quenelles you will need
250g chicken, 150g breadcrumbs, milk, a tea=towel, 25g butter, salt, pepper, 2 eggs.
  • food process the chicken until you get small crumbs (you can use fish or veg) add the 2 egg yolks and the butter process a little more
  • soak the breadcrumbs in milk
  • beat the egg white until stiff
  • drain the crumbs in a kitchen towel
  • add to the food processor and give it a whirl
  • salt, pepper
  • transfer to a bowl and slowly add the egg white

this semi-soft, semi-firm past is called a godiveau, to shape your quenelles, take 2 tablespoons of the same size, scoop some paste, close the second scoop on the top. You now have a quenelle shaped object. throw the quenelles in boiling water, simmer for 15 minutes. next bake for 30 minutes with the sauce of your choice.

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