Fancy a cuppa? : Green tea ice cream

I don't know about you but a recce in the food of the world and I am on cloud 9. I loved it when Yumiko used to put on my desk various Japanese snacks, like little offering to my taste buds which got teased with unknown flavours, a real pleasure. So when I got to go to the new Japanese restaurant which opened around the corner I did not delay. A fun evening, we got compared to the actresses of "Sex and the city" by a waitress in traditional kimono that on its own was weird but it is only at the end of the meal that the tinkle of excitement happened. Green tea ice cream, never seen it or I would have remembered, the unexpected shade of green and the subtle taste.
Green ice cream tea
makes a tub preparation 30 minutes
200ml double cream
200ml milk
2 egg yolks
2 tbs of sugar
2 tbs of powdered green tea
  • Method:
  • start by making a kind of custard, whisking egg yolks, milk and sugar in a pan
  • heat on very low heat whisking constantly until it thicken
  • remove and leave to cool
  • mix the powdered green tea to water according to instructions.
  • Add tea to mixture , freeze in ice-cream maker or alternatively freeze for an hour, remove whisk and freeze again


Dr.Gray said...

Dont you just love green tea ice cream. I dont know why the western world has taken so long to start picking up on this flavor. You mentioned that you can use tea bags for similar results. That is very much not true it will not yield anywhere near the color or flavor.

Anonymous said...

Hello Dr Gray,
Thank you for reminding me that with the nice weather upon us, I should make a batch of green tea ice cream and offer it to passing friends to spread the idea.
I will try with Matcha and test the tea bag theory, a Japanese friend gave me the tip, but you might be right nothing like putting it to the test don't you think



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