The Daring Bakers' November Challenge: Caramel Cake

Yes it is already a month since the last challenge, this time I decided to put my little heart in it and bake according to instructions which made me realise I was very bad at following up recipes, but this is my problem. Shuna's Caramel Cake recipe is perfect.
I waited a little before baking my cake so I could benefit from the wisdom of other bakers, and thanks to Dolores from Culinary Curiosity , along with Alex from Blondie and Brownie and Jenny of Foray into Food who hosted the event I could tune in to all the comments on the board and get some really useful tips:

a) you can half the proportions easily which to make cup cakes otherwise my personal trainer would have a heart attack.

b) reducing the sugar also works.

I may have done something not quiet right though as my cake was more "puddiny" than it should have been but still very nice.

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