Lyons Seafood : Dish of the Day

Lyons Seafood Co, -"never heard of them", never saw their products even though they have been on the market for 30 years. Prawns and speciality seafood suppliers and leading retailer and I have never heard of them. Where have I been for the last 30 years? Twenty Thousand leagues under the sea.

This was going to change this week with the delivery of Lyons brand new range: ready to cook seafood dinners or meal in a carton. And I tell you straight away, this is not something I normally do. 6 minutes to cook a meal for two that does not sound right.

The packaging is very seductive with its 3 little windows which let you peek inside: here is the sauce, in the middle is the main offering and on the side the veggies. Accompagny this with bread, noodles or rice and bang, bang you have a meal.

The instructions are simple, even have little picture to make sure you get it right, not that it is difficult mind you, open, tear, cut, fry, mix, it is that simple. Lyons PR explains that they aim at demystifying cooking with fish as people perceived fish as being too challenging. And with their 6 minutes trick they certainly do that.

The range incorporate a medley of well-known dishes: Malaysian King Prawn Laska, Kerala Seafood Curry, Sweet Thai Chili Prans, Catalan Fish Stew and New England Seafood Chowder.

So is this healthy fast food for two? Yes, you get a whole meal with only 20 grammes of fat and that is if like me you scoff the lot rather than share. I have an excuse he dislikes sea food.

But is it good? again yes....mostly. Malaysian King Prawn Laska was excellent, the sauce was fragrant and creamy, fatty, tasty King prawns, nice baby sweetcorn, ripe cherry tomatoes with crunchy green beans Catalan Fish Stew less so: wine sauce was too thin and there was not enough fish, lots of squids and mussels so I ended up with two meals in my plate yet again.

Would I recommend- strangely enough yes, I am impressed with the quality of the sea-food and it is indeed very simple.

For more information click here. Seafood dinners are retailed at the price of £5.99 with a current offer at £3.99.


Karen S Booth said...

I LOVE seafood and your plate of food looks delicious!

Solange Berchemin of Pebble Soup said...

So do I, and after 3 evening meals in a row, I lost a pound. win win really.
thanks for dropping by



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