Rabbit Curry with Eggs

 Is it OK to eat rabbit? This is a question which would remain unanswered if it was not for Belleau Kitchen's monthly challenge.

Rabbit Curry
If Belleau Kitchen and its Random Recipes didn't exist, they would have to be invented. Though re-creating Dom, Belleau Kitchen's owner might just be an impossible task, a lot of imagination would be required to inject the avatar with.
As who else would come up with a challenge which ask you to enrol a friendly giant to shake your  entire bookshelve, pick a random by then designated cookbook, open it at a certain page and cook. See what I mean.
July Random Recipes is associated with the number 30. Thirtieth book on the shelves was a Sainbury's Cookbook, he brought with him when we moved in together, page 30 offered a choice.
One of them choice which makes eyes grow wider than the UFOs in Close Encounter of the Third Kind: Sweetbreads or Rabbit. On reading the recipe carefully, I soon realise that there was no choice it was going to be Rabbit Curry with Eggs.
So why should Rabbit appear more often on the menu:
  • It is an inexpensive meat.
  • It cooks well with spices and is very flavoursome without.
  • Rabbit can easily be found at the local butcher and we need to use their trade more.
  • Rabbit meat is lean, therefore low in cholesterol.
In this recipe for a mild curry the combination of coconut and curd cheese gives a rich creamy sauce.
Rabbit Curry with Eggs 
Ask your butcher to chop the meat for you, this way you will get only 2 pieces with lots of little bones which you can remove before serving.
50g desiccated coconut
300ml boiling water
2-3 gloves garlic
2 x15ml spoon sunflower oil
450g rabbit cuts
1/2 teaspoon ground cardamom
2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon chilli powder
4 eggs hard boiled
2 large tomatoes
100g curd cheese, soft cheese is a good alternative
3-4 tablespoons plain yogurt
Put the desiccated coconut into a bowl, pour over the boiling water and leave to soak for 10 minutes or more.
Peel and chop the garlic finely. Heat the oil in a pan and stir in the rabbit pieces, adding the spices, chilli powder, chopped garlic. Stir over a gentle heat for 2-3 minutes and then transfer to a casserole dish, adding the sliced eggs and tomatoes.
Strain the liquid from the coconut into another bowl, pressing the coconut to extract all its juices. Then stir the curd cheese into this coconut milk until more or less dissolved. Pour this mixture into the casserole dish.
Heat the oven to mark 8/ 450f 230C and put the covered casserole into the oven for 20 minutes until bubbling. Then turn down the head to 4/350F/180C for about 45 minutes.
Season to taste with salt and add a pinch more chilli if  you like. Before serving stir in the yogurt.
 Last time, Pebble Soup entered Belleau Kitchen's challenge, the random recipe with an impossible name to spell, got us to research and learn a lot about paprika.
This time round we all loved this rabbit recipe and to be honest, this was not a meat which was on the menu before but it will be from now on.
Have a go at Random Recipes even if you don't have a blog to tell the tale. It's great fun to rediscover your books.


cornercottage said...

Lovely! I love rabbit, we buy cleaned and joined ones from the farmers market for about £4/£6 depending on the season. Never thought about currying a rabbit but you've inspired me!

Phil in the Kitchen said...

I think it's definitely OK to eat to eat rabbit. It can be a lovely meat.(Having said that, I really like sweetbreads too). I've never combined it with eggs, though. Sounds lovely.

Unknown said...

oh my god, i'm so sorry I didn't see this!... did you email it to me? I hate it when one slips through the net... I will add it to the round-up now.... I LOVE rabbit and would eat it more but being the only meat eater in the house it seems a little odd... looks so good and very brave of you to go for it like this!

Solange Berchemin of Pebble Soup said...

Hi Hannah, it is truely a bargain meat which should get so more more publicity. Let me know how it turns up.

Solange Berchemin of Pebble Soup said...

Hi Phil,
Have you cooked it yet? ;)

Solange Berchemin of Pebble Soup said...

Hi Dom, So glad to see the last minute addition, thank you.



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