Food Blogger Connect 09

I am telling you next time somebody tells me "blogging is for nerds who are scared about meeting others in real life", or "blogging is a silly activity for sad people" or "there is no point in blogging", or any variation of the three, I will get my designer handbag out and will inflict some real damage.

Blogging is a real pleasure, meeting bloggers via the net is great but meeting 50, or so, food bloggers in a restaurant is paradise.

Last Saturday paradise was organised (somebody has to organise paradise otherwise it would be hell) by Beth from Dirty Kitchen Secrets, Hilda of Saffron & Blueberry, Mowie of Mowielicious and Jamie of Life's a feast. I have always been a tat jealous of the Food-Bloggers Conference in the States, and now we have got our very own, hurray. An array of talented bloggers arrived to the Levant by plane, train, tube (that was not easy) from France, Germany, Holland and of course the UK, I am sure I have missed a few places in-betweeny.

You immediately know when you meet like minded people, it does not matter where you start the conversation, they are there with you, we talked about things that matter to us, I met well I was going to say new people but are these people new to me, I already knew some, I had read their blog.
The Lebanese mezze was awesome: hummus, falafel, tomatoes topped with haloumi, chicken and lamb skewers, meat ball, warm pittas and of course that splendid dish (pictured) with pinenuts and things which name I don't remember, so if anybody out there recognises it, I would not mind being informed of its denomination. Wine was from the Beeka valley, next time you are in a supermarket go for Lebanese red wine, it never disappoint.

Then we paid attention, we were told about photography by Meeta and Kang, finding your voice by Jamie and Jeanne, copyright sorry...time was up for me, I had to leave. It was already getting near time to go to another event about which I will tell you next.

Can't wait for Food Blogger Connect 2010


Kitchen Butterfly said...

We ALL have the photo with the flowers.It was nice to meet you...I love the name.

Sarah said...

Mmmm, muhammara is that red pepper and nut dip. It was my favourite thing on the buffet and I intend to make some soon. Yum. I learned so much at FBC. It was great to meet you!

Solange said...

Thanks Sarah, now that I know what it is called, I only need to find pomegranate molasse and bob's your uncle on the other hand going back to the Levant to try more of that lovely dip is a good option too.

Lovely meeting you both

Jamie said...

You hit the nail on the head - like minded people, all friends, fabulous, magical time! None of us can wait patiently for FBC 10 since we get to see each other again, spend more time talking about all the we share and live the food blogger experience to the fullest! C'├ętait vraiment un grand plaisir de te rencontrer! Bisous!

bethany (Dirty Kitchen Secrets) said...

It was soo lovely to meet you Solange! Glad you had a fantastic time and you're right I'm sick of ignorant peeps making remarks about blogging being for nerds- We Are Not Nerds :) Hehexx

sunita said...

What a lovely review Solange. I didn't get to talk to you; next time, I'll make sure I do. And yes, it was a lovely afternoon with like minded people .

solange said...

Thank you for your lovely comments. until the next time then. In the meantime, It will be a pleasure drop by -your blog-

Unknown said...

Hello Solange, sorry I didn't get to chat with you on Saturday, you were the only person I couldn't identify in my pictures but Jeanne Cook Sister helped me out and I need to update my post!

I know the stone soup story, we were told it at school and I've never forgotten it.

Jeanne said...

It was a fab afternoon wasn't it? Lovely to meet you at last - I had heard so much about you from Michelle :) Roll on the next one - and I'm sure we will meet up again before that!

Anonymous said...
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