Flowers and a Chocolate Heart Are a Girl's Best Friend

Guys Guys, Valentine's = Interflora. I thought, I would write this post way before the Day so that you don't panic.
Between now and the 14th of February, you will read a lot of articles telling you what to do and some explaining what not to do. Now I am telling you a sight like this one.... will melt any body's heart; When the laughter has receded that is.
Some might say that sending flowers and chocolates is too traditional. "too traditional?". It is just lovely. Mind you, you need to choose the best in the business. This is where Interflora gets it right every time.

I'll let you in a secret: once upon a time, he sent me an Interflora bouquet for my birthday. That was the first time anybody sent me flowers let alone an incredible number of red roses and it would had been fantastic....hadn't he got the date completely wrong. The poor roses arrived a month too late as I was walking out of the door, for the airport on my way to Egypt.

Still, receiving flowers is not something you forget and in Valentine's case, unless you are really absent minded, it is a date which one is likely to get wrong.........mind you what were Valentine flowers and chocolates doing at the door step a fortnight too early?

Disclaimer: I have not been compensated in any ways for this review

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