Week-End Pictures

I am the lucky girl who went to the Hop Farm Music Festival this week-end. My first ever music festival and it was glorious. The bill was an incredible bill of legendary stars, the weather remained glorious throughout, everybody was in a good mood, it was only 3 days and 2 nights but it was so packed that it felt much longer.

Here is a snippet:

That's me.........just there

Blondie, "still figuring it out" she said but it is more a case of : at 65, she has still got it. I was a bit surprised by the thinness of the crowd.

Van the legend in super form, I think at some point he smiled but may be not 'cause the whole thing was like a dream

Foy Vince in action, he may not have been the best but sure was my favorite
Of course, Dylan was there too but as he had requested no screen close-up with 30 000+ people in the audience and my meter fifty seven and a half, I got no shot and had to be lead out to the edge of the crowd after 1 hour where I could breath.

Churros and proper coffee for breakfast

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