Dream Job

Some time ago, I was asked to review for a new website. However, it is not until now that the site has gone life that I can tell you all about it. What a job, what a site: Taster in chief  for chocolatier.co.uk. Yes that is correct, my job is to go round and about or even sit down at home to taste fine chocolates before writing about them. 

A Dream Job.

The site looks really stylish, informative and entertaining. It will  contain reviews (by meeee), interviews conducted by Jenny Linford, food writer and author of several books.
So do expect to hear all sort of chocolaty news in the future, sorry 've to dash going to do a bit of research about chocolate  flavoured with sea-salt.


Phil said...

What a job!! WOW. Just been given a box of Very dark chocolates by Godiva. Had one, for me delicious. Trying to make it one a day if at all possible. I look forward with interest on your results.


Solange Berchemin of Pebble Soup said...

hmm picking up next installment on Wednesday in the meantime have a look at http://www.chocolatier.co.uk/godo-chocolate-bars-review-0516124.html



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