Is this Really a Tarte Tatin? : Mini Lychee Tarte Tatin

On Tuesday, I attended a Master Class at Waitrose Cookery School. The evening was organised by Malaysia Kitchen, led by Tim Anderson, "The guy in the picture" and the 2011 Master-Chef winner.

It took place on the night after Halloween and would I be so inclined as to believe in wizardry, I would have thought no more of the evening. I probably would have said to myself, "This was a little odd but what the heck." However being quite rational, I started to wonder .....
Now don't get me wrong, there is everything weird with Tim Anderson's approach to cooking but that is what makes him stand out. Plus "his weird" is weird in a good way. 

And I am sure there is nothing bizarre about Malaysia Kitchen but I am not certain that, what was on offer really promoted Malaysian food. Though all of it was delicious and every single dish included typical Malay ingredients.

Take,  the dessert: Lychee Tarte Tatin, completly original idea, looked fantastic, but how can Tatin be representative of Malaysia. Pancakes, fruit salads, fritters, cakes, sweet rice, cookies, fine. But Tatin, nope!.

So sorry to be picky but the terminology is wrong. This was not a Tatin, a basket maybe.

However the combination of flavours was excellent, this is "a Tatin" to impress. I will bake it again.
We also cooked the classic fish custard "Otak Otak" served with Gunard and Scallops. The main was Nasi Goreng with Smoked Mackerel.


Janice said...

I agree. Cheffy types are very loose in their descriptions and Tim was always a one for the 'de-constructed'! Looks like a fun time though.

Solange Berchemin of Pebble Soup said...

It was fun and I learnt a lot about the ingredients.

May said...

Yes again, another example of getting a non Malaysian chef to introduce Malaysian food. Lychees are from China and are only available in Malaysia in cans! I see that they have rambutans in the recipe which is liquidised, as it is a really subtle flavour and fruit that youeat as much for texture, this would surely be lost. I guess it gets people talking but not sure how much that does for promoting Malaysian food. I still don't understand the purpose of Malaysia Kitchen.

Solange Berchemin of Pebble Soup said...

Hi May, Good to hear your point of view. Thanks for dropping by



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