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HQ is a Victorian house with a colourful past. It's set in a row of houses intended as dwellings for the indigent. Indeed, the inhabitants were so poor that they often turned to all sorts of illegal means to survive. Our street is in what was the Greenwich red light district. When we lifted the stair-carpet, it revealed well worn treads, I could only imagine....

It is all well and good but when it comes to renovate an old and poorly built house, there are more problems than I knew could exist. A lot of the restoration work happened behind the scene like tonnes of rubble removed from the basement to flatten the floor. People are amazed at how long it's taking to finish, and "why don't we have a "proper" kitchen?" little do they know.

But it's getting there and the last room to tackle is.....the kitchen, it should be exciting instead it's almost scary. The area is small, in such a compact space, there is no room for mistakes.

But there is room for a dishwasher. Which Dishwasher should I choose? Let me run you through the options: counter-top, slimline or full size. The slimline version is very tempting but after extensive research my conclusion was that it's a false economy. After all, if the dishwasher is not full, it's always possible to run a pre-wash and wait for the dishes from the next meal.

Then, there are the brand and the model. I hear about  Candy dishwasher problems, so I am not too incline to choose one in their line but I had to check, as the brand offers some of the lowest prices.

On the other-hand, Which? magazine recommended Bosh Classixx and I would probably have gone with this if it hadn't been for a keywords search: Bosch Dishwasher Troubleshooting. Reading the reviews was enlightening, I always thought that the most expensive appliances were the best. It's not the case, so I might have saved £100.

Research pays, I am now looking for full size dishwasher with an option which I didn't know existed: the  low temperature or a glass setting to avoid limescale deposit. This is what I call progress in the meantime, at HQ we will continue to ask use volunteers to play the role of Victorian dishwashers.

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