Cheat Strawberry Tartlets

March stats indicate that the most popular post was Cheat Abricotines, I am not certain if it was for Tonton Tony's story or for the couple of cheat techniques but it will soon become apparent if/when Cheat Strawberry Tartlets and "Bob is your uncle" top the May chart.

Cheat Strawberry Tartlets

A Sweet Pastry is rather easy to make, it's a matter of crumbling any amount of flour, half the amount of butter together, then incorporating a little more than half of sugar, an egg and last but not least some milk to obtain a supple pastry.

The problem with sweet pastry is rolling it, easier said than done, this is why when in a hurry using frozen sweet pastry is a plus. Same goes for custard which you can make from scratch but buy already made or powdered and you'll halve the work.

So you have rolled the bought pastry, bake it blind for 15 minutes in a hot oven, cut circles big enough to fit the tartlets moulds, pour enough cooled custard in each case and top with sliced fresh strawberries.

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