Walkers Baked Hoops and Crosses Review

Walkers Baked Hoops and Crosses were due to be delivered for review and I expected just a new range of nibbles to examine and discuss over an aperitif. Instead a Monkey toy arrived baring an illustrated book and packet of Baked Hoops and Crosses Roast Beef flavoured.
Imagine my stupefaction. There must have been a reason for monkey, so we named it Monty and took it to task.
The book was full of interesting information, "Hoops and Crosses are a source of wholegrain, as each pack is made with 56% wholegrain". I wondered how that would affect the taste.
It started to dawn on me that may be this new snack was not entirely for adults but we would have to share........with children.
So, I took Monty to the playground in the park to test the flavour on little ones and ask mums if they would be happy to include the hoops and crosses snack  containing no artificial colours or preservatives, in the lunch box.
Though Monty was the perfect model, my plan was flawed, not easy to approach people in the sand-pit when baring a cardboard lunch box, a monkey and an unknown snack.
Never mind there was still Gin o'clock time when he would no doubt comment on how tasty the Hoops and crosses were while not feeling too guilty as Each bag has 85 calories contains, 30% less fat than the average potato crisp since they are baked.

The first thing to notice was that the paper on which the hoops and crosses had been layed was not stained with fat. So the claim is correct, this snack is not as greasy as some.
Though it is very flavoursome, the flavour was not a great hit, neither of us seem to like roast beef very much. Hoops and Crosses come in three flavours – all suitable for vegetarians (prawn cocktail, roast beef, salt and vinegar)
The content of the packet disappeared really fast which is always a good sign. The wholegrain content makes a difference to the taste too, in a nice way.
So all in all a good day's work for Monty and we will definitely try salt and vinegar next. 
Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Walkers who didn't request a positive review but an honest opinion which I hope I provided.

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