Treat Of the Week : Review of Thorntons' Continental Collection

Have you ever wondered what do chocolatiers do during the summer?

It's the type of niggling question which deserves an answer. Though sometimes asking it feels very frivolous.
A couple years back I had the pleasure of interviewing Keith Hurdman Thorntons’ Master Chocolatier for a chocolate magazine and at the end of the interview, I couldn't help it. I asked my question.
Though I was not expecting, 'We go on holidays' or 'We make chocolate ice-cream' neither was I prepared for 'There is a lot to do, we work hard on our collections all year-round'
Indeed, Thorntons is best known for their numerous chocolate gifts ideas. I was offered a Continental Collection for review.
The first striking element here is the price. Where would you, for £20, get a kilo and half of quality chocolates.
This tasty bundle contains evocations of the four corners of Europe with
  • Continental Collection (490g)
  • 2x Continental Collection (150g)
  • Continental Orange Seville Chocolate Bag (114g)
  • Continental Apricot Delice Chocolate Bag (112g)
  • Continental Vanille Truffle Bag (103g)
  • Sicillian Lemon Mousse Bag (108g)
  • Continental Alpini Chocolate Bar
  • Continental Lemon Sicillian Bar
  • Continental Cappuccino Chocolate Bar
  • Continental Chocolat Riche Bag (93g)
  • Continental Cappucino Bag (95g)
Chocolates have a shelf life of six months or thereabout so getting your chocolates now means that you can cover Halloween with the various bars, a few birthdays with the classy signature boxes and plenty of Christmas parties with the chocolate bags and you can keep the large box for yourself.
The continental collection is a timeless classic, first created almost 60 years ago, in 1954. Such longevity is a sure sign. It has got it all, nutty truffles, fluffy mousses and straight chocolates.
With Thorntons, one thing is certain - the product will not let you down. The chocolates are well balanced and full of flavour. By their own admission, they are not made with the finest, most expensive cocoa but the chocolate use is certainly good at the correct price for mass market.
And sometimes this is exactly what you need.

In association with Thorntons

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