Carrots Julienne for Vegetarian Week

It's not on the cards for Pebble Soup to follow a vegetarian diet anytime soon. However like many people at HQ we eat too much meat, our lifestyle doesn't require so much proteins therefore once a week we have a vegetarian day.

During vegetarian week, I'll be introducing a few things I picked up along the way. Starting with French special: a salad. An ordinary salad, an extremely simple one and that's what makes it so extraordinary.

That combine with the fact that in France, in Delicatessen or Charcuterie Carrottes Rapées is a best-seller. This dish is  as much a national dish as Steak-Frites-Salade actually it's often la salade in the steak frites. Carrottes Rapées is slightly different from Julienne de Carrottes.

Julienne is a technique whereby vegetables are cut in long thing stripes using a sharp knife. Rapée on the other hand is done with a machine and the stripes are so thin than often they break. If you want a bit more crunch to your salad then Julienne is for you.

Celeriac as in rémoulade is a Julienne too, onions in Ceviche are Julienne. To prepare a Julienne, the vegetable needs to be topped and tails and made into a long rectangle so that thin strips of about 3mm are cut. That is if you don't have a Julienne peeler as the one, an OXO Good Grips product.
The OXO peeler and myself had a bit of a compatibility problem, it makes a perfect Julienne but I found it slightly hard to use and I didn't like it at all when at some point it developed a mind of its one and mistook my index for a carrot. Though it's a nifty tool and with a bit a practise it will be very useful.

Online RRP : £6.00

To make a Carrots Julienne for 4 people. Peel 6 carrots, cut stripes as shown on the picture. Season with salt, pepper, the juice of a lemon and oil (ordinary will do). Get you hands in and toss the carrots, add parsley if you wish but don't be tempted to add anything else.

Bon Ap.

Disclaimer: This post is part of OXO Good Grips Vegetarian Week.

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