Chicken/Turkey with Vanilla & Maple Syrup Wrap

chicken turkey vanilla maple syrup mission wrap

When this post will be published, Christmas won't have happened yet but at Pebble Soup we'll have already eaten the left-overs. Did we get a Tardis for Christmas? sadly no.

Chicken or Turkey with Vanilla and Maple syrup wrap

I accepted a mission.
Mission Deli, as in the Wraps were looking for new recipes for their web-site blog. The perfect opportunity to try a Vanilla 'n Maple Syrup Glaze. Of course it has a hint of sweetness but the vinegar cuts right through it and the end product is like nothing else. You've got to try it. 

It's tasty and healthy perfect for Boxing Day and hopefully you'll make it again in the new year.
Vanilla & Maple Glazed Chicken/Turkey
Chicken or Turkey with Vanilla and Maple syrup wrapPREPARATION: 10 MINS
COOKING: 20 min
300g free range chicken goujons or left over turkey
Freshly ground salt and pepper
½ fresh Orange or 50ml of juice
75ml Maple Syrup
1 ½ teaspoons Taylor and Colledge Vanilla Bean Paste
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 tablespoons red wine vinegar
1 tablespoon chopped fresh thyme
¼ teaspoon dried chilli flakes
1 wrap per person + salad or spring onions, mashed avocado any green which takes your fancy.
Season the chicken/turkey with salt and pepper and fry it in a little hot olive oil so that it browns. If you are using the chicken you need to cook it through which should take about 8 mins. If you are using the turkey you just need the colour.
Meanwhile, combine maple syrup, vanilla bean paste, orange juice, olive oil, vinegar, thyme and chilli in a small bowl and whisk until well combined.

Pour the mixture over the chicken and let it reduce for 10-15 minutes. Keep an eye on it, when it glaze the meat, it's ready
Serve on a plate immediately  drizzling it generously with the pan juices so that dinners can make their own wrap. I've used mashed avocado and lamb lettuce to add to the wrap but anything which takes you fancy or is in the fridge will do nicely.

Chicken or Turkey with Vanilla and Maple syrup wrap

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