What's New in the Kitchen #10: A Blast from the Past

Keeping a monthly "what's New in the Kitchen" post is almost impossible and may be it's a good thing. It would tend to demonstrate that Pebble Soup has not been taken over by advertising. Here are a couple of new products which has been sent for review.
The English Provender Co  has launched two new wholegrain mustards which at first glance looked very much like "moutarde a l'ancienne".
Looking a bit more carefully one mustard contains fig and honey, the other horseradish. We tried the former thanks to its  crème fraiche, the rainy mustard is very smooth. It's great with chicken. If I had a slight criticism and I do, it tends to separate but most wholegrain mustard do. don't they?
The new range is available from Waitrose stores priced at £1.49

I really liked BelVita breakfast option: Tops. It claims to, "Slowly release carbohydrates over four hours when eaten with a balanced breakfast" and no that does not entail Olympic size omelette and sausages more like an apple and a coffee. I tried, it works. The ingredients raise the blood glucose levels and a couple of biscuits keep you going from one meal to the next. the texture is slightly rough and reminded me of biscuits, I had as a kid, a real blast from the past.
RRP £2.79

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