'Tales From the Meadow’ A Giant Cake

Certain initiatives take your breath away. A giant cake measuring  10 metre squared cake, weighing over half a tonne which took It took over 168 hours to create, definitely enters that category.

 Irish butter producer, Kerrygold partnered with renowned sugar artist, Michelle Wibowo, to bring the luscious rolling hills of Ireland to London city centre. why?
A national research revealed some incredible facts
  • four out of ten Brits have never been to the countryside in the last ten years, which is in itself  a mind-boggling stats.
  • If you add  that 10% of Brits admit they have never heard a cockerel ‘cock-a-doodle-do’ in real life.  More than seven per cent has no idea that corn grows in a field.
It was time to do something, the renowned butter cie decided to bring the country side to London. Hopefully, the next survey won't reveal that people believe real meadows are made out of sugar paste.
But for the time being passer-by in  Finsbury Avenue Square were stunned to see and Irish meadow complete with grass, rolling hills, hedgerows, a pond, farm house and barn, meadow flowers and  even Irish dairy cows – all hand crafted from cake and sugar icing. 

Take a look at the making of the cake and Londoners enjoying a ’slice of the meadow’ here

Some publicity stunts are just amazing, let's hope this one will hit the mark and we will take more to the country side, after all if we don't know where our food grows what chance do we stand to eat healthily?

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This post is sponsored by Kerrygold.

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