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 For the thirteenth post in this series, at Pebble Soup HQ we've tried out a few healthy products.

diet help, oil mister
My favourite product on this post is an oil mister as in The Fine Life Ideal Oil Mister Air Pressure Pump Action Sprayer Grey(£19.00) to be precise. A soon as you use it, you can see straight away that this non-aerosol mister has a lot of advantages.

  • Instead of a little pool of oil which we usually get at the bottom of a pan, the oil mister sprays a fine mist and so we can control the amount of fat used. less oil = less calories = healthier diet
  • I tried to use a spray in the past. It stayed in the pantry until well after its sell-by date, I was not confident about the addition of propellant and doubted the oil in it. Here you are in control of everything and it's a non-aerosol, perfect.
  • Great for baking too, imagine no more oily kitchen paper towel, spray and "life is your lobster" :)

To continue the healthy theme, Let's talk Matcha. Mighty Matcha is a high-quality matcha made from tea cultivated and ground in a rural area. Besides the fact that it sounds good, it also good news. You see, tea plants absorb pollution easily, being rural hopefully means less lead.

Compared to coffee, matcha gives you a long lasting energy boost and that is great news. A little word of warning here: it's an acquired taste which requires a little perseverance. Mighty Matcha (£9.99 for 32g).

The Netherlands might not have qualified for Euro16 but that's not a reason enough to ignore their most famous export. A treat, sticky, sweet, buttery, these mini stroopwafels are a revelation. Available online from Hema £1.75 for 200g.

JimJams Chocolate Spread (£2.79 for 350g) contains 83% less sugar than other choc spread. I would not advise you to buy it or you'll get hooked. I've had to hide it from myself!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliated links. If you click and buy from the Amazon Link, I get a percentage of the sale which is put back in the maintenance of my blog. I was not financially compensated but got to keep the products for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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