Predicting The Future of Blogging

The Future of Blogging:  No doubt that 10 years ago, when Pebble Soup first post went live, the blogging world by and large was very different. To start with few people were on the scene, everyone knew more or less everyone else and companies disregarded us: "come back when you'll have a paper commission" seemed to be the universal answer.
retro style keyboard
Elretron Penna Keyboard, retro look for advanced technology demonstrate that we have to look in the past to see the future

Move forward to 2017 and blogging is a big business. Companies all want to appear on blogs, ratings are all the rage but as a follow blogger put it the other day on Twitter where is the fun gone.

Hopefully, there is still fun to be had and bloggers who are not aggressively focused on monetarising their blog still exist but will they stem the tide of money above quality? or will the marketeers take over? it's .....Crystal ball time:  

The introduction of Accelerated Mobile Pages AMP introduced by Google with a couple of its partners like Twitter, tend to point in the direction of micro-blogging. Fast search environment, snippet of info. Which shape or form will this kind of blogging take in a year or two time? is everyone's guess. The answer to this one is around the corner.  

No doubt that Vlogs will be on the increase. Story telling is as old as mankind and that's the attraction of video-logs. With voice recognition tools becoming more sophisticated, it's not difficult to imagine that in a few years time, sound will play a larger role in blogging.

Ranking can't be ignored, it's nice to blog but to sustain a blog for a long time, you need to know that you are read. Bloggers love comments because they love their readers so why so many bloggers have closed their comment box? simply because brands don't care very much for comments, they want clicks. Clicks on influential blogs.

Bloggers have become Influencers, in the future we will see more of that, no doubt. Is it a good thing? probably as it looks like despite the odds good content still reign. I think that in the future, blogging platforms will offer better quality blogs. So focusing on Domain Authority (DA) can only be a good thing though, Google doesn't make it easy by favouring sites with a huge DA.

What would you add to this list? Pebble Soup comment box is still opened ;)

Disclaimer: I've written this as part of Innovation Company's Study on what bloggers see as the future of blogging -  As always words and opinions are my own.


Phil in the Kitchen said...

Are bloggers for the most part influential? I'm not so sure. A well-known food writer not that long ago wrote that nobody really cares what a blogger thinks and I think that's still a general view. There are personalities who have blogs that are listened to but not because they're bloggers. A few years ago I came across someone doing keep fit sessions in a local park who decided that shouting on Instagram was the way forward and he's now worth millions. I honestly respect what he and a few others have achieved but I don't find it very interesting. Personally I think the short, shouty information overload is likely to face a backlash. I suspect that older style blogging will become a smaller and slower community (and hopefully all the better for it) and the majority will shout at each other on social media. Do bloggers really need to know that they're read? Comments are nice, but I've never bothered to look at statistics for my blog and I know a number of bloggers who assume that their audience is tiny and are just fine with that. I even know some who have retreated to writing private diaries rather than blogs, perhaps because of the commercialisation of blogs, and I think that's rather a sad turn of events. Sorry, that sounds a bit downbeat but I really do still enjoy writing a blog when I can find the time. said...

in terms of the future of running a blog systems, it seems clean that WordPress will remain the pinnacle-canine whilst the alternative platforms pick up some thing scraps are left. however, there was a time when people had been sure that MySpace would be the social media king ceaselessly. – and look how well that went. blog comments services



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