A Recipe from Texas : Grady Spear's Chicken-Fried steak

When I asked for your recipes, I would have never anticipated such an exciting trip of discovery. The idea is to cook & review favorites from around the world, the first to arrive was from Frank in Texas. Frank thanks to you:
I got to explored new ingredients and a very different way of cooking, see I don't fry: calories are my "betes noires", my personal enemies. So this was a first, I was very pleased to see that there was no excess fat thanks to two little tips included in that recipe.
I also met, even if only virtually, Grady's Spear, certainly worth mentioning as it is not every day that a cowboy appears in my kitchen.
Having never heard of Kosher salt before, I wanted to spread my new found knowledge and got talking about it, just to be told that it is also used in Spain to tenderise meat with fantastic results. So all in all a brilliant first interactive adventure. if you want to participate too e-mail me your favorite too.

Ah, I have a confession to make the photo is before gravy. Without further revelations, I leave you with the recipe :


Anonymous said...

Great Job! Not something I eat every day either, but I'm sure it was good with the Cracked Pepper Gravy!
BTW, Where part of the world are you located?

solange said...

Thank you Frank, I am utterly lucky to be living in Greenwich (England), may be I should try the fry up restaurants, being a top touristy destination, there are quiet a few around here and just go jogging in the park more often.



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