Salmon en croûte

An impressive centrepiece for dinner parties. Quick and simple to make, the perfect recipe for beginners. A dish often suggested for pre-Christmas parties but served with a fresh green salad we could almost imagine that spring has arrived. In fact, this dish is all about tremors of excitement, anticipation and at present, I must say that what I am looking forward is the softness of spring, so let's rephrase the introduction:
An impressive centrepiece for dinner parties and with Easter around the corner let's get ready. There is "an-a-maze-ing" number of variations for this dish. It is often recommended to use 2 fillets so that the slices are not too "heavy". I normally use the whole fish, boned, so far nobody has complained nor chocked. You could also shape the pastry like a fish using a teaspoon to make the scales and an olive for the eye.
But let not get carried away, I got my recipe from a "celebrity chef". Not the one who is throwing knives at you, neither the other whose merchandise-dishes are shaped like of her boops. No, a simple, personable, joyful guy whose TV programmes make you want to follow him around the country when he looks for fresh fish and seafood: Rick Stein.

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