Tropicana Vouchers : Dine out for £10 or Even Better Stay at Home

Tropicana's Customer & marketing services must be clocking over time. Everywhere you look you see Tropicana vouchers. So I am about to relieve some of the pressure to participate....don't bother to enter
Like everybody else I love the idea of a bargain, so a fortnight ago I decided to enter the "Dine out for £10 pp". I needed 2 vouchers:
one was provided free, I did not have to look very far to find the first voucher.
The second voucher, I got buying a carton of orange juice (for which you had yet another voucher), though it worked out more expensive than any other juice.
Then I entered my details on line.
There are less restaurants than anticipitated however one is a stone throw away from where I live. On Friday evenings the voucher was £15 pp not £10 (excluding drinks, but that is fair enough), nevermind it was decided we would be going. I followed the instructions to cut a long story short, at bill time my voucher was refused.
To give Tropicana customer services there due, they followed my complaint up, took only one reminder, but it crossed my mind that I may not be the only one who had a similar issue.
I then was offered another voucher or to the possibility to go back to the same place, this time 2 for 1. I am afraid I decline somehow with hindsight, the idea of mediocre food, side dish arriving later than the meal, not the chosen wine since they had run out was not attractive even with a voucher.
Like everybody else I like a bargain but like everybody else I am finding out that the listed restaurants either near you or on the continent might not be worth the effort, better stay at home.

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