There Is a Log in My Bath

"And what has it got to do with food?" I hear you say.
"Well, this is food" I reply swiftly.
"Nooooo!" that is what you say, when you are in denial.

The log was also a Xmas present from Simon. this is a Shitake Mushrooms log. Yes, it is.

This is also another attempt at growing mushrooms, so far special boxes in the cupboard under the stairs has been tried and failed

But this I have high hopes for the log.
It needs to rest for a while in situs (e.g. the garden), then from March onwards you shock it, by immersing it in cold fresh water for 72 hours, then you bash it and if it is not shock enough you bang it a little more.

Keep it in the dark (eg a plastic bag, in the garden) until it produces........which will probably be never, I'll keep you posted.


Jules said...

Good luck with the mushroom log and I hope you have more luck than Hubby & I have with growing mushrooms!

pebble soup said...

I know what you mean, I had given up all hopes but if that works you will be the first to get theproducer's details



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