Happy New Year - Meilleux Voeux Pour 2010

2009 was a watershed, a weird and wonderful year of discoveries and successes which could not have happened without me knowing that you were there, reading me, so thank you.
One thing I love almost as much as lists is year's review so here we go.
January- First time for pearl barley in my kitchen, now a firm favorite.

February- Your favorite recipe, if I believe google analytics, Smoked Salmon & Crab terrine, February was also the month when I got involve with Blogger Aid Change the Face of Famine, I am so proud that my Lemon and Basil Tart was selected. And a trip to Essaouira the birth town of my grand-father

March- Pebble Soup gets its first of many product and book review, I love doing these- hint-hint-

April - Got a 6 months trainee-ship as a journalist with FE News, one of the first exciting assignment: to cover the budget.

May- Met a food blogger in real life: Michelle of Greedy Gourmet and after a long collaboration which included a "cook-book review soap" I say good bye to Paper Palate with a Cocktail book review.

June- Decided to jump in the abyss and go Freelance as a writer Aaargh, scary but I have not looked back since. ..........

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