Jamie Oliver's Cauliflower Risotto

Let's tick
Risotto - tick - love risottos
Anchovies -tick- have to love anchovies, have you notice how anchovies tins reproduce in the pantry, or is it only a phenomenon happening in my kitchen cupboard only?
Jamie Oliver -tick- nothing wrong with Jamie, very like able chap sorry chef.
Get together-tick-

Therefore "Risotto ai Cavolflori" should have worked but it didn't.
I've wanted to participate to Meeta's Monthly Mingle for a long time. Someone who takes such great food pictures can only be passionate about it.
I asked myself the following question: "what is the most common non-root vegetable in the winter", I came up with cauliflower. then I googled cauliflower and picked a Jamie Oliver's recipe. See, I trust Jamie Oliver. no "chi-chi" (simple), great flavours.

It was not disaster but honestly Jamie a risotto without creaminess, "Nope" this is not a good idea. Nevertheless, undeterred I am going to enter it in this month's Mingle and if you have great risotto ideas, don't hesitate to tell us with a comment.

Cauliflower risotto
This month Mingle is hosted by Sudeshna -Bengal cuisine-


Jeanne said...

What a pity - the sum was so much less than the parts :( Oh well... I suppose even Jamie has his off-days!

Solange Berchemin of Pebble Soup said...

I am hoping to be able to get a table at his Italian restaurant in Canary Wharf tonight, will keep you posted



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