Week-End Pictures : Norfolk + Best Variety Potato for.....

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In French we call it "la semaine des 4 jeudis" in reference to the school day off : Jeudi ( in the old days, nowdays it is mercredi) and this is exactly what September will be about, taking time off to enjoy the Indian Summer.
The beautiful North Coast of Norfolk has always been one of my favorite between Wells on Sea and Cromer, the sea is cold, the light is bright, towns and villages have a remote feel to them which is ever so enjoyable as a visitor, I am not sure if you are a native....
After racing through small country lanes to only miss the boat, we sat down with a home-made potato salad to contemplate the little Morston bay and wait for the next boat.
Now for the food bit. Potato varieties tend to be confusing, which type is the best for.......here is your answer and you are going to love your little Pebble Soup for it.
If there is a party of you the tipis and yurts at Deepdale farm are definitely a good option. Our double room, what I think is a converted barn, was so so, nice view though. Deepdale farm is an eco friendly working farm and in the morning the only noises you can hear are these of the tractor going about its business.

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