Fish + Nibble

It is not unusual for Pebble Soup to talk about fish. Even fish and nibble in the same sentence would not look astray. However, fish, nibble and feet gets a little curiouser. And if I tell you that the whole sentence is "fish nibbled my feet", you might think that I have lost my grip on reality.
Wrong, I went for a fish pedicure. One of his fantastic Xmas present idea. I must say, I was wholly convinced by the idea until I got to the beauty salon and saw tanks full of little fish.
I have always loved fish, dead or alive,  but just right then, just when the beautician said: "they have not been fed yet, they should be very hungry" I wondered if my love had not been misplaced.

After a foot scrub, I shuffled my much reduced posterior on  plush seats, looked at the minimalist, Japanese decor, closed my eyes and dipped my feet into a large aquarium. The first sensation was that of the jacuzzi effect, followed by little suctions all over the emerged part. Really not unpleasant at all.

Garra Rufa fish are little black fish, "mine" were only 5 weeks old which is not fully grown up but I am told that they will not grow much more in size. This sort of pedicure is very popular in the East especially in Japan. As I was relaxing cup of tea in hand - should Have been a glass of bubbly but I did not dare to point this out, just in case they had a tank full of piranhas and ask me to switch- The Garra Rufa acted as exfoliatiants and nibble my dead skins 

After 30 minutes, I had a quick foot massage and put my feet back in my boots. I can't say it was a mind blowing experience, because it was not, but it is a very pleasant feeling, my feet are much softer + the whole experience of doing nothing for 30 minutes but watch tiny little fish relaxed me no end. So much so that I almost forgot they were at work and wiggled and folded my toes only to ufold them quickly hoping I had not crushed any little fishies.

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