Chard and Friends

Greenwich has an allotment waiting list as long as 120 years, fat little chance of getting one, then. The fact that St Alfrege park is being "rehabilitated" and part  of it turned into a communal allotment was extremely welcomed news. I began to volunteer a month ago, dug up tonnes of broken bottles, a red heel and an hypodermic needle. A few weeks ago, I planted Chard. Chard and I post spurred a few emails from Pebble Soup readers, so I thought that today I should write a bulletin to tell you about its progress.

Chard is doing fine, though I might have to move it to a sunnier bed in the interest of publicity. I have found out that it is not good to have a lot of trees over looking your plot. Community Service People have removed some of the tombstones (park was a cemetery in Victorian times) and bed number 2 was raised, so Chard might soon move to a new home .

Chard was joined by Tomato plant of unknown species, second early Potatoes and Broccoli. Watch this space for fresh news next week.

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