Pebble Picture Patchwork #2 : A taste of Slovak Cuisine

Pebble Soup HQ's contribution to the Olympics was a visit to Slovak house, a Slovak Tourist board pop-up showcase of the "little big country". Currently claiming its place on the tourist map with its wonderful scenery, traditional hospitality and traditional food. And, No it is not all about cabbage.

Let's start with a tongue twister, repeat after me: Slovak sommelier shows off spectacular sabrage skills.

Then, our rendez-vous with Slovak cuisine: dishes prepared by Chef Marcel Ihnačák, formerly of Pied-a Terre and Fifteen in London.

If Hungarian, Tchecks and Slovaks battle it out to ascertain their ownership over Goulash, Bryndza and Ostiepok are typically Slovak sheep cheeses featuring in starters fried in bread crumbs or mains such as in Chicken Stuffed with Bryndza.

Slovakia association with soups is more than Pearl Barley Soup. I was not prepared for a creamy garlic soup which honestly would see me travel to Slovakia for a second helping.

Of cabbage we saw very little but potatoes featured predominantly, in dessert fried in butter then rolled in poppy seeds, in salad, gnocchis, rosti, dumplings, pancakes and ravioli filling. The country favorite soft drinks is Vinea a wine- flavoured carbonated drink, not to forget gorgeous unadulterated white wine such as Viognier

Overall impression, a solid home cooking, safe in its tradition, surprisingly much lighter than expected.

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