Pebble Picture Patchwork #3

If August is a quiet month, it might only be because July is a manic one. A month when the press is out in force having a taste of Christmas. Everybody who is anybody or nobody is going from one Christmas presentation to another.

In 2009 when I was first got invited, I dragged a couple of teenagers nieces with me who just couldn't believe their eyes. It was another world, mince-pies in July, I was instantly promoted to "amazing auntie".

This year, I limited myself to just a few events. One always awaited presentation is that of Waitrose.
Here is a sneak preview:
  • This Christmas we'll be eating our placemats (bottom left on the patchwork)
  •       Heston's pudding is affordable
  • Trees are made of wood, Swedish style
  •      The plateau de fromages will see numerous Spanish additions
  • And last but not least little bites are flavour of the month and Waitrose is probably the only supermarket to offer individual fish tartars.

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