What's New in the Kitchen #6

Though the official Xmas count-down has started, What is New in Pebble Soup's Kitchen has yet to put festive bubbles on. Here we are still doing a bit of catch up.

First with the Birds Eye Tracker

When it comes to peas, frozen is the answer. Birds Eye petit pois are absolutely delicious.  Now why would Birds Eye invest in a peas tracker remains a mystery. It works like so: Each pack has a number, by keying the digits in, you're able to know where very roughly your peas are from. If you ask me that is marketing gone mad but still it's very good to know that it takes only 2.5h from Field to Freezer and that possibly explains why they are the best

Next time you are in the vicinity of Harvey & Nichols, go in and stock up on Awani Jams. They'll make the most wonderful presents, all wrapped up the Balinese way, in a checked handkerchief. Each jar is handmade, a whole village works in the farm-kitchen, fruits are native from Indonesia and the taste is just fantastic. Plus, where would you find jams such as mango, pineapple, pink guava and tamarillo,  lime and Balinese tangerine marmalades?
This is my top choice this month, one to remember and by the way, my favourite was Pink Guava, a usual jam with its slightly gritty texture and aroma like no other.
Exclusively at Harvey Nichols Foodmarkets nationwide priced at £6.95 (225g)
Giovanni Rana's new range of (very) large ravioli is available in a distinctive paper bag. The egg pasta is thin and yummy. At the taste test, we found that as for most commercial ravioli, if you don't know what the content is, there is very little chance that you'll recognise it just by eating. It doesn't take anything away from the quality. We tried Chicken, Rosemary Ravioli and Crumbly Ricotta, Shredded Baby Spinach, Mascarpone and found them very convenient, well prepared, as in none of them split in the water. A quick and easy evening meal.
RRP: £2.49

Friends love me working with Haagen-Dazs and a new flavour is always exciting. In my opinion what HD does best is vanilla ice-cream. The latest is a festive Marc de Champagne sauce swirl and chocolate truffle pieces added to a Vanilla base. So far it has gone down very well in the taste-test. Of course, it's nice on its own but it will also go very well on the top of Xmas pudding. 
Marc de Champagne truffle is on sale for a limited time. 
The new ice cream has an RRP of £4.99. Available in Pint.

Disclaimer: I received samples to taste for this series, all the words are mine and I was not asked to write positive reviews.

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