Bye Bye Ebay

Ebay, I don't like you anymore, and in doing so I join a long queue of people leaving you.

The third one was a stroke too many. I joined in 3 years back, I bought and sold 18 items, not what you would call hyperactivity, but I used to rather Add Imageenjoyed my foray in the big action house in the sky.

Then about a year back, I bought a vacuum cleaner. After the auction ended the seller refuse to send me it unless I paid another £30.

6 months back I sold a vac which the buyer claimed was faulty, strange as it was not when I sent it. Being nice I sent a refund effectively loosing £30 pounds or a vacuum cleaner which ever way you prefer look at it.

But the last time did it. I put for action Le grand livre de cuisine d'Alain Ducasse, new it would cost £180. The auction was rather exciting, there was a bidder that kept sending me questions, you could see he really wanted it. Sadly for all, he got beaten at the post by another bidder who came out of nowhere.
I sent the book, I should have sent it recorded delivery but the post was already £17.00, wrong move. According to the buyer it never arrived and since Pay Pal covers 100% the buyers by giving them a guarantee of a refund with your money, I lost my book or £90 which ever way you prefer look at it.

This is it, I have learnt my lesson, ebay was fun then something happened and really it turned out to be a bit of a nightmare.

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