A Taste of Spain

I would have given you advance warning, but....I did not know about it until I got there.

Last Wednesday I was going to meet up with my mate Libby at Borough Market. I might have to bring my duvet there, as I seem to spend more and more time strolling through the stalls.

What had escaped me was that there was going to be a Spanish food festival so here is a taste of it:

A paella on the making, big enough for 500 people

I did not have long so we did not loose any time, there was a lot of free tasty samples. Straight into..... the wine (that was mostly Libby of course!) and the ham. All the products explained by very knowledgeable producers.

But then you would have to ask Libby, as curiosity was getting the best of me, and as she was listening intently, I was trotting along the alleys, told you should bring my duvet there.

If you are looking at food festivals, I would recommend the Chili Festival in West Dean in August. Closer in time A taste of London

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