Fish & Healthier Diet - part 3 -

So, I am doing 5 portions of fruits and veg a day, I should had "with great difficulties", I am contemplating enjoying 100g of dark chocolate (that should not be too hard) to lower my blood pressure -as it is a source of antioxidant- the next step is fish.

According to medical research one portion (115g) of fish, 4 times a week will provide you (& me) with enough Omega-3 to reduce significantly blood stickiness consequently preventing clotting

Will any fish do? this is where things get blurry, really it should be oily fish but my understanding is that 2 portions of oily fish out of the 4 should do the trick.

The other day He cooked a delicious fish meal, seemed to take very little time once all the ingredients where assembled and certainly had a very pleasant impact on the taste buds.

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